Anekant Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is a peer reviewed international online and print journal designed to publish research articles, analytical models, empirical research, case studies, conceptual frameworks, and book reviews on various issues in humanities and social sciences. The purpose of the journal is to provide a platform for scholars and encourage original research as well as fresh insights into the interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social sciences. The journal, with pluralistic approach, focuses on the multi faceted aspects of literature, linguistics, anthropology, communication studies, economics, political science, Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology and Yoga, Defense Studies, international relations, Philosophy, Library Science, Media Studies, Performing arts and women Studies etc. It aims to establish a research forum exclusively catering to needs of academicians.

Anekant is a blind reviewed and peer-viewed bi-annual Online and Print academic research journal, devoted to the studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. However, special issues devoted to important topics will be published occasionally.

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Contact On : sn.gadekar@tccollege.org
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